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  • Nespresso Atelier

    Nespresso Atelier

    Imagine for a second that it’s early morning. The blankets that you’re wrapped in are warm and you grip them snugly so no cool morning air can creep in. After waking you get out of bed quietly, hoping not to wake anyone else, and slowly make your way to the kitchen. There’s absolute quite and…

  • Nespresso’s Cafe Gourmand

    Nespresso’s Cafe Gourmand

    Back in December four up and coming pastry chefs were put to the test as they competed in the second edition of the Cafe Gourmand contest. Presented by Nespresso and held at the Institut de l’Hotellerie et Tourisme du Quebec (ITHQ), the contestants were required to create unique coffee pairings with two creative mignardaise (bite…