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  • Le Boucan Brunch

    Le Boucan Brunch

    Not all brunches are made the same. Some are dainty feasts that are more mimosa than meal while others are built to handle the toughest of hangovers. Along Masson Street in Rosemont there are a couple of great places to grab brunch and now le Boucan can be counted among them. But be warned, their…

  • 5 Hoods, 5 Must Try Brunches!

    5 Hoods, 5 Must Try Brunches!

    Weekends in Montreal are as much about the splashy parties as they are the morning brunch that follows. Great stories begin with a toast to our health on Friday and Saturday nights and followed by a healthy helping of toast, Caesars, eggs Benedict and just about anything to cure that hangover while dishing about what…

  • Le Boucan 2 Is Open

    Le Boucan 2 Is Open

    Montreal isn’t a big city. Sure our island is home to millions of people and it sprawls from the West Island all the way east to Point aux trembles but the centre, the main neighbourhoods of the city are relatively close making it easy to get from one end to the other by metro, Uber…