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  • More To LOV

    More To LOV

    After revolutionizing vegan and vegetarian cuisine less than a year ago, LOV (local, organic and vegetarian) has already expanded to a swanky new location smack dab in the middle of downtown Montreal. Ever since the original LOV opened earlier this year in Old Montreal, its been packed to the rafters with people who’ve raved about…

  • LOV In Old Montreal

    LOV In Old Montreal

    Up until now I don’t think I have ever uttered the phrase “let’s go to a vegetarian place for dinner”. My love of meat (especially hamburgers) and chicken is well documented and my fear of fainting from hunger after eating vegetarian or vegan has often led to a second supper. Up until now there hasn’t…

  • Inside The Nightlife 12.4

    Inside The Nightlife 12.4

    As the Holidays approach it gets tough to keep a calendar open! Last week’s biggest events included two restaurant openings, one gigantic bar opening and ended with a quiet Saturday brunch. Let’s get into it. Bird Bar Fried chicken and champagne. Those words are enough to get me out of the house and into a…