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  • Test Driving A Lincoln Leads To A Night Out At Pastaga

    Test Driving A Lincoln Leads To A Night Out At Pastaga

    I’ve been to Pastaga several times over the last few years but rarely for a regular meal. My first visit to the restaurant was when Newfoundland based chef, Todd Pellerin from Mallard Cottage was invited to take over the kitchen for a one-night-only offering of a modern take a few traditional Newfoundland dishes.  Since then…

  • Keeping Us Warm

    Keeping Us Warm

    Located only steps from St. Laurent in the in-between neighbourhood of Saint-Édouard is Les Cocottes, a charmingly eclectic restaurant that recently celebrated its first year in business. Serving a variety of comfort food staples, mostly in clay ramekins, the concept is completely simple and utterly savoury.  Late last week an intimate number of Montreal’s media…

  • Setting The Pace

    Setting The Pace

    Though Little Italy has always been one of Montreal’s more popular neighbourhoods, a surge in interest in the last couple of years has Montrealers flocking back in droves. Six months ago, Quindici joined the area’s restaurant ranks as one of Little Italy’s newest and buzziest eateries. Last week DJNL was invited to take a seat at…