• The 2018 Montreal Pride Recap

    The 2018 Montreal Pride Recap

    In a city like Montreal, where festival season starts as soon as soon as the frost leaves the ground, it’s tough to know where one ends and where another begins. While some festivals focus on music, others on laughter and others on sports, it’s Pride that encompasses the best of them all and dresses it…

  • Canada Montreal Pride

    Canada Montreal Pride

    This year’s Pride Festival in Montreal was simply spectacular. Over the course of 10 days people from around the world flocked to our city to celebrate Canada’s leadership in LGBT freedoms and equality for all. This year was extra special with the super sized festival coinciding with Montreal’s 375th celebrations and Canada’s 150th. This year…

  • Vogue Is Vogue

    Vogue Is Vogue

    In the great tradition of Paris is Burning, the epic documentary that followed the “ballroom” scene in New York in the 80’s, and framed with the 2017 edition of Montreal/Canada Pride comes the mainstream return of Voguing in Montreal. The gang at Tourisme Montreal teamed up with Fierté Montréal/Canada Pride and Gerard X Reyes to bring…