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  • 1909 Taverne Moderne

    1909 Taverne Moderne

    The Montreal Canadiens are synonymous with Montreal. The team is one of the most decorated in the NHL and they have the most loyal fan base you’ll ever see. Every year, at the beginning of hockey season, the city straps on its blue, white and red pride, showing our team that they’ll have our support…

  • WRG Classic

    WRG Classic

    For those looking to redden their cheeks a little while watching a stylish game of our nation sport, this weekend WRG magazine is hosting its 4th annual WRG Classic. Inspired by early 20’s fashion, the friendly series of games is played on an outdoor rink and its players are spiffed up in their finest bow…

  • Staying Over The Top

    Staying Over The Top

    With an oft-ridden mechanical bull, a bevy of dancing beauties and large screens to captive both amateur and seasoned sports fans alike, it makes no wonder that Chez Serge is still a major draw after 8 years in business.  To celebrate their 8th anniversary, Chez Serge invited some of Montreal’s bravest media to experience the…