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  • Foire Culinaire Complètement Sucres

    Foire Culinaire Complètement Sucres

    This coming April 8th isn’t just important because I will be celebrating my 10th annual 29th birthday. It’s also important because I am on the judging panel for this year’s Foire ailmentaire complètement sucre! As one of five judges, I will be partaking in food related festivities and the competition from noon to 4pm. Competing…

  • 5 Hoods, 5 Must Try Brunches!

    5 Hoods, 5 Must Try Brunches!

    Weekends in Montreal are as much about the splashy parties as they are the morning brunch that follows. Great stories begin with a toast to our health on Friday and Saturday nights and followed by a healthy helping of toast, Caesars, eggs Benedict and just about anything to cure that hangover while dishing about what…

  • Neighbourhood Watch

    Neighbourhood Watch

    Hochelaga is one of Montreal’s most colourful neighbourhoods. It’s packed with great restaurants, awesome bars, cool micro-breweries, fun shops and more. Many people, especially Montrealers, know very little about the area but its inhabitants are very passionate about where they live. Earlier this week the SDC Hochelaga (business development commission) invited us into their neighbourhood…