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  • Super Bowl Sunday

    Super Bowl Sunday

    For hundreds of millions of people around the world, the Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year. If fans are not at the event to see it live, they are gathered in their favourite bars and restaurants or they get together at home to watch the game and of course the halftime show.…

  • Pizza On The Plateau

    Pizza On The Plateau

    Though you can find just about everything on the Plateau, a good pizza place was the one thing that eluded Mount Royal Avenue. With Pronto arriving on the scene a few months ago, that’s all changed now and for the better. Pronto isn’t just a pizza place though. To limit it to one thing would…

  • MissFresh


    Because it’s 2015, just about everything we need can be ordered online. From books to clothes and everything in between, we can have the world brought to our door at our leisure. Across the country, subscription services are booming and amongst the plethora of box of the month clubs, there exists in Montreal a niche…