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  • Dogs Left Outside Alone

    Dogs Left Outside Alone

    Montreal’s busy sidewalks, like any sidewalk in any city around the world, can be clustered and claustrophobic. Trodden by thousands of people moving at various speeds daily and with a mix of annoying bikes, cherry red mobility carts, strollers and more aiming for their space it can be a hazardous place to be. Not for…

  • Escalating Tension

    Escalating Tension

    For the most part Montrealers are friendly, law abiding citizens and we have a nifty police force made up of street savvy officers (who have a flair for camo but not much of a sense of humour) to keep us from getting too out of line. But, in a city where we are just trying…

  • Neighbourhood Watch

    Neighbourhood Watch

    Hochelaga is one of Montreal’s most colourful neighbourhoods. It’s packed with great restaurants, awesome bars, cool micro-breweries, fun shops and more. Many people, especially Montrealers, know very little about the area but its inhabitants are very passionate about where they live. Earlier this week the SDC Hochelaga (business development commission) invited us into their neighbourhood…