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  • Chef à l’érable

    Chef à l’érable

    Every great meal, like any good book, TV show or movie, should have an intriguing beginning, a fruitful middle and a satisfying conclusion. Recurring food-related events such as Chef à l’érable should be treated in the same fashion. When Laurent Godbout started Chef a l’erable 4 years ago it was a massive success. Reinventing the…

  • Empty Indulgence

    Empty Indulgence

    There’s no denying the insane popularity of Martin Picard’s restaurant, Au Pied de Cochon. For years the restaurant, located in the heart of the Plateau, has gotten rave reviews from critics and food lovers alike. Au Pied de Cochon has become notably known around the city for its foie gras poutine and other delectable treats.…

  • A Sweet Escape

    A Sweet Escape

    As we roll slowly into the month of March, we being to bare witness to the end of winter as we’re teased by the first promising signs of spring. Here in Montreal, March also means its time to start gearing up for the highly anticipated maple season. As the sap starts to flow, some of…