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  • Remember Your Roots

    Remember Your Roots

    Many of today’s hottest neighbourhoods in Montreal got off to a gritty and very practical start. Both Griffintown and Hochelaga were both centres for tanning leather goods. La Tannerie on Ontario east in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is a bring-your-own-wine restaurant that pays homage to the neighbourhood’s roots in name, style and substance.  At a recent media event,…

  • Major League

    Major League

    Love comes in all shapes and sizes and in Montreal, our love of food knows no boundaries. That’s why many of us will go the end of the earth (or at least the island) to find our next great meal. État-Major is located near the busy intersection of Pie-IX and Ontario, in the heart of…

  • Sip Back And Relax

    Sip Back And Relax

    Since the beginning of time (for this website) I have been asked all sorts of questions concerning restaurants, bars, hotels and events in Montreal and beyond. Perhaps the most recurring of these questions is “Where is the best bring-your-own-wine place in Montreal?”. Well, at long last I have combed through the streets of the city…