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  • Les Bon Buveurs

    Les Bon Buveurs

    Summer is just around the corner and as the heat rises out of the depths of winter, we’re firing up our BBQ’s to satiate our hunger for charcoal grilled meats. At Ils en Fument du Bon they know a thing our two about great sausage and now with Les Bon Buveurs the marriage between great…

  • Brew New To You

    Brew New To You

    Ontario based craft brewer, Mill Street Brewery recently debuted three of their delicious beers in la belle province. Their launch at Rosewood in Old Montreal gathered a full house of beer lovers who were curious to try their famous ales, lagers and stouts. We are a city that takes its 5a7 beverages very seriously and…

  • Hidden Tiger

    Hidden Tiger

    The Red Tiger is an interesting addition to Montreal’s Gay Village. This Vietnamese Pub is adding a little needed diversity to an area of the city that should be doing so much better. Featuring an excellent menu of cocktails and some fantastic Vietnamese food, Le Red Tiger is the latest in a new generation of…