Viva Italia!

Vicolo 14Fall went out with a bang earlier this month when the grand opening of Vicolo (Italian for back alley) brought Montrealers out in droves to check out the new Italian eatery in the west end of downtown. Vicolo 2Boasting a spacious 4,500 square foot setting and a seating capacity of over 180 guests, there was standing room only as we sipped on wine, beer and cocktails created specially for the occasion. The kitchen, headed by Adam Zaitouni, was kept extra busy, sending out bite size samples of the rich and delicious Italian inspired cuisine they will be serving their guests. Guests also clamored around a copiously packed cheese, olive and charcuterie station that seemed to always remain full, all evening long. Vicolo 12Vicolo 3When we weren’t busy eating or drinking, we gathered in groups at the MirMir photo both to ensure that the craziness of the evening was captured in black and white. The party kept going well into the night as the always delightful DJ Abeille worked the guests into a dancing frenzy with her signature pop infused, party-starting anthems. She always makes it very hard to leave a party! Vicolo 13The restaurant is sprawling (which makes the standing-room-only party that much more impressive) and beautifully decorated with wood paneled walls and soft lighting. Vintage garage doors and street signs, hanging on the walls, give a subtle wink to the back alleys of Europe’s most colourful cities. Vicolo 5Vicolo’s opening was the perfect way to draw to a close a very busy season in Montreal. With it’s leisurely chic, urban Italian environment, Vicolo will be the perfect place to grab a quick lunch in the afternoon, a drink or two in the evening and of course a great place to gather around a table for some pretty great Italian food.

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Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre and Vicolo






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