Le Savoir

Montreal’s very first Le Savoir by Stella Artois was a resounding success. The event transformed Usine C into a magical domain in a Belgian field and was the end result of a lot of work. From the performers to the costumes and the installations, it was a sight to behold. Here’s a few wonderful shots of the night so you can see what we saw. You can also read our full recap here.

IMG_8749As we entered we didn’t know what to expect but what we found in the garden was a ruby red carpet and our first glasses of Stella.

IMG_9172After a brief welcome cocktail on the red carpet we were invited to descend into the bowels of Usine C and cross over into the world of the Master Brewer. A blast of cold air and the first projections of the night welcomed us as we entered.

IMG_9091Passing through the first phase of the event we eventually returned to the surface and entered the enchanted garden where our senses were set to be awakened.

IMG_1248IMG_9409IMG_1263We touched, tasted, smelled, saw and heard things that we both frightening and curious at the same time. Spice infused tomatoes, fungus and other delights were among the sense altering elements of this part of the event.

IMG_0422And of course we enjoyed all these things while sipping on cold glasses of golden Stella Artois.

IMG_0493IMG_9073IMG_0950With our senses now activated we moved on to the next portion of the evening. We were invited to take our seats in the Master Brewer’s greenhouse. Two long tables decorated for dinner and the Master Brewer’s team were waiting when we arrived.

IMG_9957IMG_0012IMG_9895Taking our seats, the show was about to begin. Throughout dinner we watched the seasons change around us as the field bloomed, blossomed and died right before our eyes. Stunning visuals left us in awe.

IMG_0128Sense altering surprises kept coming as the night went on and tested the limits of our imagination. Visually, Le Savoir did not disappoint.

IMG_0493IMG_0476IMG_0463The event came to a stunning conclusion when the projections took us out of the field and into the stars. We raised our glasses of Stella Artois and toasted the work that went into Le Savoir. It was an experience you had to see, smell, touch, taste and fell to believe.

Image credit: Karel C.  





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