Le Parloir

Le Parloir (parlour in English) Private Cellars recently opened on Guy in Griffintown. The beautiful new space answers the age old question of how do you keep a well stocked wine cellar in a city where the the average square footage of new condos seems to keep shrinking. Aiming to be at times a private social club, a meeting and work centre and a top notch storage facility for oenologists favourite collections, le Parloir meets a demand that we never knew we needed.

img_0567img_0573Housed a beautifully restored manufacturing facility, designer Amlyne Philips (Kampai Gardens, Jatoba etc) has done an excellent job of creating a dynamic space that’s both modern and comfortable. Using her greatest hits collection of design elements like brushed brass coloured metals, exquisite fabrics, neon and more, she has created a luxurious space that’s anything but stuffy. Functional both during the day and at night, le Parloir is a great place to gather, exchange and create exciting new relationships around a shared passion for wine.

img_0582img_0589img_0593Members of le Parloir have access to cellars ranging in capacity from 100 to 600 bottles that are kept in private, state-of-the-art, temperature controlled cellars. Access to the exclusive, members only club is granted with biometric fingerprint recognition at the entrance and members are free to be accompanied by up to two guests at any time during le Parloir’s extended opening hours. Several private rooms are available to be rented to members wish to entertain guests, have business meetings or other private gatherings within the club. A full kitchen is also available for those who wish to have food catered or made on the spot making le Parloir feel like an extension of your own home.

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