Le Boucan 2 Is Open

Montreal isn’t a big city. Sure our island is home to millions of people and it sprawls from the West Island all the way east to Point aux trembles but the centre, the main neighbourhoods of the city are relatively close making it easy to get from one end to the other by metro, Uber or if you’re really ambitious, a healthy walk. Even though it’s relatively small, it still can be a pain when you live in the east end and one of your favorite restaurants, Le Boucan, is in Little Burgundy. Getting across town can sometimes be a hassle and with so much to do in Mile-End, le Plateau and even as far as Old Montreal, we’re not inclined to go west unless we have to. Now, Le Boucan has fixed that problem by opening a second restaurant on Masson street promenade and we couldn’t be happier.

unspecified-3When Le Boucan opened about seven years ago we were in the midst of our burger revolution. Everyone was making fancy versions of our favorite sandwiches but Le Boucan took the American food revolution and made it their own by adapting it to Montreal’s food scene. The result is one of the best places in the city to taste American country comfort food. Last week Montreal’s media invaded the new restaurant to be among the first to savour the new flavour of Masson. We sipped on bourbon lemonade, we devoured ribs, pulled pork, mac & cheese and much more.

16508684_1447466325284853_810121388391415282_n16508586_1447472328617586_3069056583254775711_n16640951_1447466748618144_2890944828154861631_nApplying what they’ve learned of the years, the team behind Le Boucan has opened a more sophisticated looking second restaurant with a designer aesthetic but the food remains as authentic as ever. The menu may vary slightly but not enough that you won’t be able to find staples like that amazing BBQ sauce on both sides of the city. Taking over the defunct M sur Masson, the new location uses every corner expertly, fitting is as many people as comfort will allow. The place is bright, the materials uses are warm and inviting and the service seems to be as cool and comfortable in Le Boucan 2 as the original.

16602857_1447467715284714_1909293898039401373_n16708259_1447467321951420_7430338694368952697_nThe food at Le Boucan 2 is as good or even better than you might expect. As I’ve gushed about them before, their burgers are succulent, the chili is the epitome of comfort food, the fries are great, the mac & cheese is delicious and the ribs. are. fantastic. The meat falls off the bone, you’re face is covered in the best BBQ sauce you will ever eat and you’ll regret nothing when you’re done. You may want more and you should have more. You deserve it.

16507920_1447465305284955_889962114060093494_nLe Boucan on Masson has bar staff that make an excellent bourbon lemonade. You can’t have southern fried comfort food and not have bourbon. They go hand in hand like this author and fried chicken. Le Boucan will undoubtedly be a hit on the Masson Promenade and when you have a  chance you should drop by to try the food, the wine, the beer and of course the cocktails. You will be hooked and you will thank me.

Image credit: Patricia Brochu





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