La Champagnerie

This past Tuesday night we attended the grand opening of La Champagnerie in Old Montreal and it was one of the most decadent and theatrical bar opening that we have seen to date. Champagne and cocktails were poured in every corner of the bar and we all lopped it up eagerly while nibbling on dark chocolate truffles, oysters and more. By 6pm the bar was packed to the brim with thirsty media, savvy socialites and industry professionals, all curious to have a peak at what we expect will be the place-to-be in Old Montreal this summer. Over the course of the evening two different DJs set two very different moods which kept the party going all evening.

La Champagnerie exists in a fresh, rustic environment with big bright windows letting passersby get hooked by the sights and sounds of what’s inside. The décor is kept simple and unpretentious with bright yellow used around the bar and polished metals and other raw materials used as a jumping point to create one fantastic night after another. Behind the DJ booth is a slab of polished concrete covered by glass that they will fill up with our personalized sabered champagne corks (we’re going to have a few corks in there, guaranteed).

In speaking to Hatim Chahid, one of the bar’s owners, he told us that they wanted to bring a sense of sophistication and theatricality to their clients and, impressively, he meant what he said. La Champagnerie has brought back the art of sabrage which means they will be using sabers to open the champagne. We saw it in action and it’s as cool as it sounds (very cool, actually – sabering dates back to Napoleon’s heyday).

To compliment their fine collection of champagne, cocktails other delights, they will be serving a selection of finger foods such as oysters, caviar and tartars which will all pair very well.

Nothing spreads quicker than good word of mouth and La Champagnerie is going to be on everyone’s lips like a good glass of bubbly. See you there!

For more info check out their website!

All photos courtesy of Sebastien Roy.






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