Like so many sought-after luxury brands, Montblanc has humble beginnings. Starting out as a simple pen maker in 1906 in the Schanzen district of Hamburg, Germany, the company was born from the minds of a stationer, a banker and an engineer (Claus-Johannes Voss, Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein). Today, Montblanc is easily recognized by the characteristic “white star” logo that represents the Mont Blanc (located in the Alps) mountain snowcap, seen from above. Over the last 90 years, the company has expanded across the globe and now produces impeccably detailed luxury goods such as high-end writing instruments, timepieces, leather accessories and eyewear.

MB7MB5To celebrate the opening of the new Montblanc luxury boutique on the corner of de Maisonneuve and de la Montagne, Montreal’s media and VIP guests were invited to discover the beautiful space and learn a little more about Montblanc. Coinciding with the event was the launch of their new Montblanc Extreme Collection, a series of high performance accessories for the urban adventurer. Featuring exquisite leather bags, sleek watches and more, the collection will be coveted by those who need their gear to be as high functioning as they are.

MB4MB2We arrived on the black carpet and were ushered into the Montblanc universe as they party was getting underway. Mouthwatering canapés, delicious wine and fine Whiskey was served as we mingled with the company’s North American CEO, store staff, celebrities and Montblanc lovers alike.

MB6The North American President and CEO of Montblanc, Mike Giannattasio (pictured above, far right), was on hand to deliver a quick speech that kicked off the evenings festivities. After stepping away from the podium he stuck around to personally present several of the brand’s collections and helped us try on watches while speaking about the craftsmanship behind each one; a real hands on approach!

MB3Montblanc produces timeless pieces that travel with us wherever we go, whether we’re after the Meisterstück or the Starwalker. From the adventure seeker to the detail oriented there’s something for everyone to wish for. The new Montreal boutique is a beautiful space, giving us an endless choice of gifts that are at the summit of our expectations.


Photography courtesy of Montblanc