Inside The Nightlife 11.27

There’s nothing like a Thursday night event marathon to get your blood pumping. Here’s a look at last week’s biggest openings, anniversaries and parties.

La P’tite Grosse

15079008_1018298144966570_8387136323213075149_nAlthough we are still lamenting the loss of Rosalie (those pizzas!!), the show must go on. After series of restaurants spun through the revolving door that’s become the former Rosalie address, we have finally settled on La P’tite Grosse, an odd yet cutely named downtown eatery. We stopped by the opening last week and it’s clear that the owners want this to be your next party stop.  We will be back soon to try the food and will bring the results shortly after that.

MTL Resto Bar

15032893_271589376576320_5138497129657538994_n15109384_271589406576317_6360586352257310571_nJust when you think that the Plateau couldn’t possible hold any more cool bars, here comes MTL Resto and Bar. The new hotspot opened only steps from St. Denis and revamped an old space into something truly marvellous. The bar is perfectly sized with just enough tables to fill up quickly on a Saturday night and still feel full on a Wednesday. The opening was packed solid and I am looking forward to returning soon for a drink and a quick bite. It seems like a perfect place to cozy up for the winter months ahead.

Third Anniversary of St. Jude’s Spa

15171325_1175886192466296_612434740851441243_nIt’s hard to believe that this spa has already been open for three years. At the anniversary last week, I discovered the space for the very first time and it way more than just your average spa. The renovated church houses a spa, a decked out gym complete with a versatile space for everything from yoga to Pilates classes. There’s also an area where you can come and work quietly and the most impressive space is the year-round, outdoor hot and cold pools that feel far removed from the noise and bustle of the traffic that runs along St. Denis.

La Petite Garçonne – Chapitre 2

unspecified-12unspecified-8La Petite Garçonne has had an extraordinary year. The company has been expanding across all platforms and now a second boutique has opened just up the street from the original store on St. Laurent. At the opening last week we climbed the stairs up to the quaint boutique that features continued collections of jewelry, candles, cosmetics and clothes that are featured at La Petite Garçonne. If you are a fan of fashion and a fan of this Montreal based clothing company, you will love the new store.

Viita Launch and Fashion Show

unspecified-1Designed and made in Quebec, Viita underwear for men and women unveiled its new branding and strutted its stuff down the runaway earlier this month at Time. Formerly known as DRC and featured on the French Canadian equivalent of Dragon’s Den, Viita has reimagined underwear for the millions of Canadians who suffer bladder control issues. Montreal’s most fashionable media and VIP guests were on hand for the sexy unveiling and fashion show. You can learn more about the brand here. Viita images courtesy Moetreal. 


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