Inside The Nightlife 01.29.2017

Le Chop

img_1433img_1436For 5 years the restaurants under the Ville Marie Collection group have banned together and slashed prices on their menus. Both Atelier d’Argentine restaurants (in Old Montreal and on Crescent), Wienstein and Gavino’s and Decca 77 have prepared special 3 course menus and wine parings that start at $25. We went to Decca 77 to try their menu last week. The pork (pictured above), which rested on a bead of lightly spiced beans, was good and the chocolate cake was a drool-worthy dessert. I could have walked away having eaten two more pieces at least. With several choices per service, there’s plenty of variety to please any and all taste buds. You can check out the menus for each of the restaurants here.  Le Chop continues until March 2nd so there’s still plenty of time to try everything.


img_1447img_1454The other big food festival that takes place during the month of January and the first week of February is Happening Gourmand. For 10 years wonderful restaurants like Maggie Oakes, BEVO and Suite 701 have been preparing their very own 3 course menus that keep people coming back for more. Last Saturday we got together with Veronique from La Journaliste, Vincent from Mazrou and Caroline from the Everyday Luxury for an off-the-record night out on the town at Verses. For many of us it was our first visit to the restaurant. The food was excellent (I highly recommend the pork and the delicious orange soufflé dessert), the service was good and the company was wonderful as always!


unspecified-11unspecified-10unspecified-9Every time I walk into one of these stores I want to buy everything. Last week we were invited to the opening of the new flagship store and it was as fabulous as expected. We sipped on Structube Fizz, wine and beer while enjoying canapés around some of the beautiful furniture and accessories. You can read more about the store here.

MTL Resto + Bar

unspecified-1unspecifiedunspecified-5Just when you think that they couldn’t possible fit another bar or restaurant onto the Plateau here comes MTL Resto and Bar and what a great place it is. A modern take on the Auberge Español, MTL Resto and Bar features great food, excellent cocktails and even an apartment upstairs where workers from around the world can stay when they spend a month or two working for the restaurant downstairs. You can read more about the restaurant here.

Arturo Tacos

fishtacosTaqueria Arturo is the beginning of something new for Prince Arthur Street and it couldn’t come at a better time. The once popular street has died off a bit in recent years but with new restaurants like Arturo setting up shop, a breath of life has once again been felt in the area. The food is great, the decor is very Montreal and the service is loads of fun. You can check out a little more on the opening here.

Image credits: Structube (Kelly Jacoby); MTL Resto Bar (Patricia Brochu) 


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