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Lewis Hamilton was first across the finish line on Sunday as he claimed yet another Montreal Grand Prix victory. Sunday’s races, followed by the after parties, brought an end to an intense party filled weekend here in the 514 and whether you were spray-painting at the Mural festival or sitting pretty in one of the race lodges on the Gilles Villeneuve raceway, it was hard to escape the sights and sounds of Grand Prix. Here’s our recap of the finest fun filled moments of our great Grand Prix agenda. We’ve broken it down day by day because there was just too much excitement for one article.

Spa St. James and Moët et Chandon at the Ritz Carlton

IMG_5395We came out of the gate running as we kicked our Grand Prix festivities in style at the Ritz Carlton in the Gold Square Mile last Wednesday afternoon. For the second year in a row the elegant hotel along with Maison Boulud launched their summer-long, beach-inspired terrasse which is located in front of the hotel. Expecting nothing less that perfect from the Ritz, they impressed with delicious canapés from the renowned restaurant that we washed down with crisp Moët et Chandon champagne over ice. This special champagne is made to be enjoyed by adding special ingredients like fresh peppers, tart grapefruit and even tea to amp up the flavour. There’s no better way to start Grand Prix partying than starting on top.

IMG_5422We preceded the Moët et Chandon beach with an exclusive tour of the brand new Spa St. James located within the iconic Ritz Carlton Hotel. Having moved from its Crescent Street location to this brand new pristine facility, Spa St. James is an awe-inducing space that is both elegant and cozy. This world class spa was conceived and built with locally sourced materials like marble, wood and copper and is truly a family affair with many of the owners being multi-generational family members. Our tour began with two refreshing Belvedere vodka signature spritz cocktails that we sipped from as we visited the massage rooms, the nail and hair salons and of course the relaxing lobby. We will have an more in depth look at the spa in the coming weeks but our curiosity has certainly been piqued.

A couple of hours spent at the Ritz Carlton was the perfect was to ease into what was going to be a whirlwind weekend in Montreal.

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