Fashion Your Seatbelt

Last Friday night, world travelers, auto enthusiasts and fashion fanatics alike were welcomed at the Montreal Science Centre for FF1 (filmfashionf1), a dazzling and decadent soirée thrown by Martini and Porsche, part of the many festivities held during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend. Excitement for this event has been building for weeks and once again, they didn’t disappoint.

A pit crew of beautiful babes and burly bouncers ushered us past a selection of slick Porsches where we stopped for a quick photo op before heading towards a waiting glass of bubbly sweet Martini (specially mixed drinks by Martini were also offered, our favorite  was the minty F1 Derby).  A captivating view of Old Montreal and the Montreal skyline, with the spotlight of Place Ville Marie cutting through the misty night sky was breathtaking.

Crisp, delicious drinks flowed throughout the night as we snacked on some very delicious food prepared live by renowned Toronto private dining club, The Spoke Club (the risotto and Pad Thai were outstanding).  Mountains of tempting Lindor chocolate overflowed from the bar providing a non-stop dessert that kept coming all night long.

DJ Grandtheft provided the soundtrack for the night and started the evening off with chill beats, setting a relaxed lounge atmosphere but as the night rolled on and the space became tighter, the music became louder and we danced to a fun mix of pop and house.

The FF1 was an evening of pure decadence, fashionable ladies and gentlemen and more fun than we could ever have imagined. It was everything we expected it to be; an amusing night of people watching, fabulous food and delicious drinks. The night could have gone on forever.






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