District Griffin

The DEVIMCO Group is changing the face of Griffintown. Over the next 10 years the quickly developing, downtown adjacent neighborhood will be revolutionized with state of the art condo towers, shopping, eating and drinking. Simply put, the area will be livelier than ever. Check out our recap of the night featuring tons of exclusive photos!

BV3G 1Griffintown was first populated in the early 19th century by Irish immigrants and soon after was transformed into one of Canada’s largest industrial areas during the industrial revolution.

Last Thursday night we were privy to the grand opening of the next phase of DEVIMCO’s massive development plan, District Griffin. Once complete the living space will boast a spa, rooftop terrasse, a gym and an urban chalet. The area will have amenities such as a supermarket, a pharmacy, several banks, a daycare, restaurants and an SAQ (thank goodness!) all of which will make living simple.

Zibo 5Zibo 2The grand opening kicked off in style at Zibo, located in the same complex that houses the newly opened Alt Hotel. We enjoyed wine and bubbly while gourmet pizza quickly came out of the kitchen to keep the hunger away. The restaurant was standing room only as a 1000 invitees from around the city waited anxiously for a series of shuttles to take us to phase 2 of the night, New City Gas.

NCG 7NCG 6At New City Gas we were given the VIP treatment as we waited for world renowned Bran Van 3000 (ain’t no party like a Bran Van party) to take the stage. When they hit the stage they blew the roof off the place with an electrified performance of some of their biggest hits from Glee, Discosis and Rosé. The open bar kept our glasses full as more food was passed around throughout the night.

BV3G 4BV3G 11BV3G 16BV3G 13BV3G 18District Griffin is online and you can learn more about the upcoming project, here. As far as grand openings go, DEVIMCO sure knows how to throw a party. This is how you get people talking about an already exciting project!


Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre 








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