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From June 4th to the 7th, Old Montreal will be draped in checkered flags as Montreal celebrates the annunal Grand Prix. Tourists, people watchers, party hoppers and race enthusiasts flock to our city every year for the F1, swelling our population into one giant, blowout party lasting 3 days.

This year Old Montreal will be the place to be for those whose passion for food will have them racing all over the city, getting in as much as possible before Sunday. Old Montreal gathers some of our best restaurants in one of North America’s most beautiful and unique neighbourhoods.

F1 Foodie Zone

Plan_ZoneFoodieF1-1024x326From one end of Old Montreal to the other, people will be able to enjoy brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner, drinks and of course all the greatest parties the area will have to offer. We have a few suggestions for your right here. For the Grand Prix weekend only, a number of Old Montreal’s best restaurants will spill out onto the streets with race themed terrasses popping up throughout.

The restaurants on St. Paul East that will feature terrasses include Crêperie Chez Suzette, the Keg, restaurant Papillon, La Sauvagine, L’Autre Version, La Champagnerie and more.

RPfM8-QQVH0cM6UKBUMw9h6cCJEaI5vrJEVgm_ErWR8bXNw7xwSDmBqMjpFx2Rki4QTHBQBdxkQopB9OgFldC0On the west end of St. Paul, restaurants featuring terrasses will include le Marché de la Villette, Les Pyrénées, Barroco, Bocata, Centre Phi, Stash Cafe, Santos, Epik, Dolcetto, Scarlet, Philémon and Méchant Beouf.

Beyond St. Paul, great restaurants like Rosewood, Joverse, BEVO and Harlow will also be decked out in their F1 finest, adding to the electric ambiance.

79r6wWGGPutufIb67f5VnemCpsncyeZMNSaGgsLS1iIDuring the weekend (June 6-7), Place-Royale will be transformed into a mini food-fair with 10 pop-up food stations showcasing some of the signature dishes of several culinary institutions in Old Montreal. On top of all that, a special Mexican bar will be contrusted on-site especially for the event where we can sample Mexico’s most famous drink, tequila. A few of the restaurants featured include Kyo Izakaya, Mercuri Montreal, Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeur Grises, Masion Christian Faure and much more.

For those interested in exploring Old Montreal’s prestigious art galleries, jewelry stores, clothing shops and more, simply click here for an exceptional list. If the nightlife scene is more your thing, Old Montreal has that covered too. Follow this link for an excellent collection of amazing nightlife spots in the Old Montreal area. We definitely recommend checking out Mimi la nuit for great food and drinks.

CUrb_23ilrlnHRIsLfimjQgBKByS5mM89tcQqwXXGpscUNOZ8BWUZoXV4lCVqOCVFo4Sh5iZZhkQH_OKtZ5YLoOld Montreal is already our city’s most colourful and active neighbourhood. During the Grand Prix this activity and animation will intensify so be sure not to miss out. Here’s a video from last year’s celebrations in Old Montreal. It’s a taste of what’s to come.

For more information visit and of course, we are here to help with any questions you might have. Think of us as your personal concierge.

Photos featured are from the unveiling of this year’s program at L’Autre Version on St. Paul east.

Photo credit: Kelly Jacob


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