Test Driving A Lincoln Leads To A Night Out At Pastaga

I’ve been to Pastaga several times over the last few years but rarely for a regular meal. My first visit to the restaurant was when Newfoundland based chef, Todd Pellerin from Mallard Cottage was invited to take over the kitchen for a one-night-only offering of a modern take a few traditional Newfoundland dishes.  Since then I’ve dropped back for a snack and a drop of their excellently curated organic wines and a couple of weeks ago I returned for yet another one-night-only event – a test drive and dinner invitation from Lincoln.

The food at Pastaga, which is dreamt up by Chef Martin Juneau and his team, is consistently, if not overwhelmingly, outstanding. When I checked my email and saw that The Lincoln Motor Company had put together a dinner at the restaurant I said yes without hesitation. Cars are far from my thing and food is the only luxury vehicle on the highway to my heart but I figured the catalyst for the event to be a necessity. The test drive came smartly before dinner and as I ducked into the vehicle’s VIP back seats (I don’t drive – I get driven) I actually really enjoyed the short 5 minute ride (complete with massage seats!!).

img_0604Once the ride was over we bolted from the car and headed inside the packed restaurant. We were seated almost immediately and we chose our meals. I started with a slightly spicy squash veloute that was served piping hot and was smooth, flavourful and velvety on the tongue. For the main course I went the vegetarian route and chose a baked cauliflower dish that was topped with a nutty crumble. The dessert, like the rest of the meal, was superb. I chose a fluffy homemade dark chocolate mousse that came with a creamy caramel sauce. It was exactly what my sweet tooth needed to bring the night to a close.

For more information on The Lincoln Motor Company, visit their website here.

For more information on Pastaga, visit their website here.





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