Taqueria Arturo

Prince Arthur Street, between St. Laurent and Laval used to be a bustling hub of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops that attracted people from all over the city. It was one of a few pedestrian promenades in Montreal and it was busy morning, noon and night. In recent years the area has become less popular as crowds flock to Mile-End and Griffintown to see what’s new and cool in these neighbourhoods but there’s still hope for Prince Arthur and all it takes are great ideas and places like the new Taqueria Arturo.

fishtacoslandscapeThe new Mexican inspired restaurant opened just last week and we were on hand to see what they would be serving up to the crowds that will be flocking to the restaurant. First of all, the place is bubbling over with Montreal cool and second, the food is excellent. Much of the decor is made from recycled elements found around the city, giving barn wood, terrasse wood and even the tables a new life. The style is eclectic, Montreal-Mexican too cool for school and a perfect addition to Prince Arthur.

fishtacostunatacoswebTaqueria Arturo is going to be a big hit for a couple of reasons. As I mentioned, the food I tried was excellent. Everything is well seasoned and popping with flavour. The guacamole and chips are a great way to start. The guacamole is creamy, lightly salt and one of the best I’ve tasted in restaurants in the city. They feature a menu of entrees, tacos and burritos filled with fish, chicken, duck, chorizo and beef and more. Whatever your flavour, Arturo has it. The restaurant’s prices are also pretty hard to beat. Much of the menu is under $10 which is going to be popular with the students that live in the area.

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