Le Boucan Brunch

Not all brunches are made the same. Some are dainty feasts that are more mimosa than meal while others are built to handle the toughest of hangovers. Along Masson Street in Rosemont there are a couple of great places to grab brunch and now le Boucan can be counted among them. But be warned, their brunch is not for the faint of heart.

mimosa-ii_previewA couple of weeks ago I went for brunch at Boucan with three friends and it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. We had seen our fair share of crazy events over the previous few days and the gossip we served was as juicy as fresh squeezed – uhm, well – juice. While the topics of conversation are consecrated to the table and cannot be put to paper or pixels, we can talk about the food and drink we shared.

gauffre-saumon-boreal-ii_previewIf you’re familiar with the food le Boucan serves for lunch and dinner then you have some idea of what they serve for brunch. For years on Notre Dame they’ve provided a little southern comfort to Montreal’s restaurant scene with slow smoked ribs, great burgers and more. For brunch, the food remains rooted in glorious American gluttony with a Montreal twist. BBQ sauce slathered back bacon is a staple at the restaurant and it’s well represented at the brunch. The menu is small but it packs a walloping punch right to the gut with hearty dishes like the Pit Boss, the OBBBLT (egg, bacon, bacon, bacon, lettuce and tomato), the salmon and waffles and even their vegetarian brunch will satiate the wildest hunger. Washing it all down with one or two of their exquisite mimosas (you must try the lavender – it’s amazing!) is encouraged.

pitboss-brunch-i_previewBrunch at le Boucan is a cure for massive hunger. Don’t expect lighter options, there are none and forget ordering a classic eggs and skinny bacon breakfast (if that’s what you’re into you’ll have to go somewhere else). If you’re at Boucan you’re there to try something a little different, something that will require you to get you’re your hands dirty, something they’ve very proudly prepared. Le Boucan is an American inspired smokehouse and their brunch is for an American inspired appetite. It’s worth checking out if you’re in the area.

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