Fahrenheit 155 Is Closed

As far as burger places go in Montreal, we have our fair share. Ranging from fast food to haute gamme, there’s something for everyone who loves their meat between two buns. Fahrenheit 155 is the latest restaurant in the city to feature their take on burgers and we’ve already stopped by twice to check it out. 

VesiaPhotography.InteriorNOW CLOSED (but read all about what could have been). Fahrenheit 155 has been open only a few short weeks but it clear that they want the world to know that they exist. We got our first glimpse of the restaurant at a packed to the rafters media and VIP opening late last month. Over 240 guests came out to get a first glimpse of the new Old Montreal eatery. The restaurant is so fresh that they were still painting the mural on the wall when guests were arriving. At the opening we sampled a few burgers, sipped on crisp bubbly and had an all around good time. You can’t go wrong with burgers in any case.

VesiaPhotography.ChampagneBathVesiaPhotography.Crowd2The second time we stopped by was for a more civilized sit down media tasting. Here we got to chat with Raphael Roussel one of the owners, sample more of the delicious burgers and get a real feel for how the restaurant wants to present itself. Upon our arrival we were greeted with delicious house cocktails and wine while we mingled and visited the restaurant. A quick, bar-side chat with Raphaël revealed that the name of the restaurant is derived from the perfect cooked temperature of hamburger meat. He also told me that the concept of the restaurant, which features burgers and bubbly, come from the old world meeting the new. Raphaël was born in France and immigrated to Canada years ago. Although he has extensive restaurant experience, Fahrenheit 155 is the first he’s ever opened on his own. He wanted the concept to reflect both his worlds. The bubbly represents his origins in France while the burgers represents his adoptive North America.

VesiaPhotographyCharcuteriePlateVesiaPhotography.CocktaildusoirAfter mingling throughout the beautifully designed restaurant for a few minutes, we took to our seats and were served a charcuterie plate to get started. The plate was decorated with fresh shaved meats, sausage, creamy burrata and a coffee infused tartare. The tartare was surprisingly good. Next up came a sampling of creamy blue cheese and buffalo sauce doused Brussels sprouts with asiago cheese. Following the appetizers we got down to business with the burgers. We sampled two burgers from the menu starting with the juicy beef classic. Stacked with fresh lettuce and tomato, crispy bacon and aged cheddar, the beef classic also features a generous all beef patty and homemade bun. Our second burger was a peppery bison burger that featured mozzarella cheese and a cherry BBQ sauce. Both are worth going back for and because they use a flat top grill as opposed to a BBQ grill, the meat’s juices stay right where they belong; in our burgers.

VesiaPhotography.BurgerflancdeporcetcVesiaPhotography.ClassicBurger&FriesThe restaurant features several unique design elements. First of all, Fahrenheit 155 features Montreal’s only vertical hydroponic garden where the restaurant’s fresh herbs are grown. From rosemary and thyme to basil and dill, the garden will provide all the herbs for the restaurant’s dishes. Being part of a increasingly important, locally sourcing movement, the owners want to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Other design elements include the use of wood and leather throughout the restaurant which gives it a warm yet edgy atmosphere. A beautiful wine cellar is anchored towards the rear of the restaurant near the open kitchen and bar.

VesiaPhotography.HydroponicSpiceRackFahrenheit 155 is an exciting addition to Old Montreal’s busy collection of restaurants. Perfect for a quick bite or a night out on the town, the restaurant will be not-to-miss hotspot for burger lovers and bubbly enthusiasts alike.

For more, visit their website here.

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