A restaurant’s success depends on many factors. Food quality, service, ambiance and a little notoriety rank among the most important of these factors. Without this necessary foundation of imperative building blocks, nothing (including a solid customer base) can be built. During its 25 years on St. Laurent, Buonanotte has seen it all. The restaurant and perennial nightlife hotspot has survived a quarter century of the opening and closing of popular bars, restaurants and businesses on the Main. As the culture of our city ebbs and flows, the city’s hotspots move from east to west and north to south but Buonanotte’s popularity remains as strong as ever. Supper clubs once ruled the scene in Montreal but as new trends in food keep coming, many of these once buzzed about hotspots haven’t been able to stand the test of time. Now, as haut gastronomy and bottle service makes way for craft bistronomy and organic wines, Buonanotte has once again shown its avant-garde capacity for anticipating change and remaining ahead of the pack. 

unspecified-5unspecified-7During a recent media event celebrating the 25 years of Buonanotte, we were treated a first look at their updated decor which includes a shiny upgrade to their iconic golden grid ceiling and beautiful new tropics-inspired murals that decorate the pillars of the restaurant. We were also treated to a few new additions to the menu. In true Italian form, we kicked the evening off with a series of select antipasti including a wonderful gin marinated gravlax (served with pesto aïoli, hazelnut pangrattoato and radish), burrata (one of my favourites – with Sweet Mama squash and roasted pecans) and Pizzetta (venetian flat bread, confit de canard, lentils, marinated shallots and smoked ricotta). It was a wonderful way to start the meal.

unspecified-4unspecified-3Moving on to main courses we tried very different kinds of pasta. First we were served squash filled raviolis with hazelnuts and homemade mosto cotto. Next we tried a deliciously creamy mezzi paccheri made from dark chocolate and served with a sausage and cepe sauce. Moving onto the meat, we were treated to both a fiorentina steak and bison. Buonanotte does a great steak and their skills with red meat were on point for the media event. Each piece of meat was carefully cooked to perfection. We were also severed red mullet, grilled in its entirety and accompanied by peppered cheesy mashed potatoes and market veggies. We punctuated the evening with a delicious chocolate and cherry ice cream dessert.

Buonanotte 1Buonanotte has grown to become one of my favourite places to eat in Montreal. The restaurant is known worldwide and is a major draw for celebrities and foodies alike, all year round. Personally, its a place to go and have a chat with Lino about wine (his profound knowledge is unmatched) and Marco about what inspires his latest kitchen endeavours. I enjoy whatever is put in front of me, whether I choose it or not. I love Buonanotte for the food and wine, the world class service and malleable ambiance. I also love it for the notoriety. After 25 years the restaurant is still the place to see and be seen during all of Montreal’s hottest events. That’s something money can’t buy.

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