Corporate Stays

In a city as charming as Montreal, it’s easy to get caught up with our wonderfully colourful people, our envied food culture and mesmerizing nightlife. For our visitors from around the world who wish to stay with us for a couple of days, there’s no shortage of hotels, bed and breakfasts or even a friend’s spare room to take time to rest and relax.  When an extended stay is in order there’s nothing like having a home away from home and without a doubt Corporate Stays is the Cadillac of apartment providers.

CS1Day Jobs and the Nightlife was invited to pay a visit to the Corporate Stays tower on Sherbrooke Street. They specialize in creating that home away from home experience for travellers stationed in Montreal for long periods of time. With properties around the world this is one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve seen in Montreal.

Corporate Stays offers their guests one of the most authentic and relaxed ways to stay in Montreal, like a Montrealer. The apartments are clean, spacious and because of their prime location, they offer one of the most splendid views I’ve ever been privileged to see. The floor to ceiling windows let in nothing but light and as night falls across the city, and the bright lights beam softly as far as the eye can see; you can’t help but be awe struck.

The Montreal location also offers an indoor pool, a full gym and an expert concierge service that can help you find your way around the city.  The Montreal location is steps from McGill University, all the shopping your heart could desire, the business districts of downtown and of course the very popular and colourful Quartier des Spectacles.

Though their name suggests they are all business, they have rooms that cater to families and you don’t have to be travelling for business to stay at Corporate Stays. Take an extended vacation, take one of their apartments and take your time seeing how Montrealers really do it from day to day. Be careful, with an experience that starts with something as cool, modern and chic as Corporate Stays, you may not want to leave.


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