The Park Is Open

Jurassic_WorldWe all remember the first time we saw Jurassic Park. We sat in awe and watched herds of dinosaurs graze in the sunlight like happy cows. Sam Neil couldn’t believe what was happening before his eyes, Laura Dern ended up elbow deep in dino do-do, then the rain came and with it a very mean T-Rex. What followed was one of the most intense chase sequences ever seen on film.

jurassicpark_BIGThat was 22 years ago and on June 12th, we will return to the original island for Jurassic World, the fourth film in the dino-sized franchise that boasts slick new visuals, crazy new dinosaurs and the unlikely leading man-du-jour, Chris Pratt. Check out the trailer below and if your feeling hungry before or after the movie, check out our list of restaurants, including some of downtown’s best!

Jurassic World opens June 12th in theatres across the country.

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