The Boys Of Summer

maxresdefaultFor 8 seasons we tuned in to watched Vinnie, Drama, E, Turtle drive Vinnie’s abrasive manager, Ari Gold insane with their antics and knack for getting into trouble the hit HBO show, Entourage. Entourage’s last episode aired on HBO on September 11, 2011 but in three days the boys are back in the highly anticipated Entourage Movie and if the trailer is any indication, the guys haven’t veered too far from their trouble-causing ways. I’m on the fence about this one but check out the trailer below and see for yourself. Will you be lining up?

This isn’t HBO’s first foray into the movies. In 2008, the entertainment icon brought a foursome of familiar femmes fatales with the overwhelmingly successful Sex and the City Movie. The movie followed up two years later with a less than stellar sequel, but HBO hopes to repeat the same success they had with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte in their first film outting.

Entourage: The Movie opens Wednesday, June 3rd across Canada and the US.






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