AURA by Moment Factory

AURA is a spectacle of epic proportions. I will say this right out of the gate, you NEED to see this. Officially opening to the public tomorrow, the show is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Moment Factory has become the go-to techno wizards when it comes to blowing our minds. The’ve proven themselves at several Super Bowl’s, they’ve worked with the Queen of spectacle, Madonna and for the last few weeks they’ve been turning the Jacques Cartier bridge into a massive installation. All that is great and we’ve become big fans but the technically ingenuity that I witnessed less than an hour ago at the Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal completely blew my mind. The word scintillating can’t do it justice but neither can emotional or dazzling. None of these words are strong enough to describe AURA. You just have to go, I swear, it’s worth it.

Framed within the festivities celebrating Montreal’s 375th anniversary, the show begins with seven stations set up around the Cathedral where different works of art are featured and turned into stunning 3D moving pictures. After visiting each station we are encouraged to take our seats and take in the rest of the breathtaking light show. Things start off quietly, focusing on the works of art and statues (that seem to come to life) behind the altar but after a music peaks we are taken through the seasons turning the ceiling into a glass roof that allows us to see the rain falling and splashing. A mesmerizing laser show that’s accompanied by music that feels like a mix between 80’s synth and heavenly choir but blends perfectly and respectfully. I won’t give it all away but I will say that you won’t just see the show, you will feel it. Check out the brief teaser at the end of the article, below the photos.moment_factory_aura-1423-hrA quiet beginning leads into….

moment_factory_aura-1031-hrScenes of spring that drift into summer and then turn to the colours of fall….

moment_factory_aura-1229-hrWinter brings us to an emotional and beautiful season end but that’s just the beginning…

moment_factory_aura-1315-hrThe mastery and precision behind the laser show is something I’ve never seen before. It was brilliant.

aura_momentfactory-hrAn incredible finish that I still can’t believe was real.

For information and to buy tickets to the show, click here.

Image credit: Moment Factory


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