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  • Onward and Upward

    Onward and Upward

    While Christmas and the end of the year is a time of quiet reflection and nostalgia, the start of the new year is the perfect time to look to the future with wonder, curiosity and hope. As I sit to write my very first blog post of the year I want to try and outline…

  • Dogs Left Outside Alone

    Dogs Left Outside Alone

    Montreal’s busy sidewalks, like any sidewalk in any city around the world, can be clustered and claustrophobic. Trodden by thousands of people moving at various speeds daily and with a mix of annoying bikes, cherry red mobility carts, strollers and more aiming for their space it can be a hazardous place to be. Not for…

  • Screaming Children In Restaurants

    Screaming Children In Restaurants

    Imagine that you haven’t been out to a restaurant in a while. You’re in a relationship where both people work long hours and at the end of the day heating a couple of Hot Pockets or a frozen pizza is all the energy you have to put into cooking. Day after day and week after…

  • Escalating Tension

    Escalating Tension

    For the most part Montrealers are friendly, law abiding citizens and we have a nifty police force made up of street savvy officers (who have a flair for camo but not much of a sense of humour) to keep us from getting too out of line. But, in a city where we are just trying…

  • Le Savoir

    Le Savoir

    As members of Montreal’s media, we have seen our fair share of wild moments. From restaurant openings to summit views we get to experience the full extent of almost everything our city has to offer. When news of Le Savoir, a multi-sensory event sponsored by Stella Artois, first arrived, it was touted as a not-to-be-missed…

  • Pride At W Montreal

    Pride At W Montreal

    The W Hotel in Montreal is always a great place to see and be seen. During this year’s Pride celebrations, on August 10th, the W Montreal is hosting a not-to-be-missed fundraising event in support of the Jasmin-Roy foundation. The event kicks off at 5pm at the Wunderbar and will go until 10pm. The event will…

  • Where It All Began

    Where It All Began

    My love affair with Montreal began in May of 1996, back when I was in high school and on the cusp of becoming the man I am today. Montreal, like Newfoundland, continues to have a great influence on the person I’ve become and like all great love stories, this one too has a beginning.  It…

  • Blair’s Mistake

    Blair’s Mistake

    So at long last there’s a Montreal cocktail named after me; well, sort of. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner as I do more bar and restaurant hopping than anyone else I know. Without drawing this out too long, here’s the scoop. It was a rainy Tuesday night and we were at Thursday’s for a…

  • Vive St-Laurent

    Vive St-Laurent

    It was one of those perfect summer evening in Montreal. The sun was going down slowly and the temperature had dropped into the high 20s giving the city a break from the day’s sweltering heat. I sauntered around my air-condition-less apartment, eating ice out of a bowl in the least amount of clothes possible, waiting…

  • Unexpected Schooling

    Unexpected Schooling

    Since the dawn of man, writers and storytellers have been documenting their observations through a mulititude of mediums. From cavemen to bloggers and everything in between, if history is remembered its because its been documented in one form or another. From time to time it isn’t enough to simply sit there and observe; there are…

  • Into the Wild!

    Though it was around 6pm in the evening, the sun was still shining brightly when we came up out of the depths of Jean-Drapeau metro. It’s that glorious time in winter where we start noticing the days getting a little longer and the hope for an eventually spring becomes less dreaming, more reality. We were…

  • Surviving the Grand Prix

    Surviving the Grand Prix

    Poor me. I had a weekend filled with champagne and parties, celebrities and racing and yes, I’ve survived it all. It was a series of events to be remembered and of course shared with you. Here’s the recap! We kicked off the celebrations in high style at Le Richmond (pictured above) on Thursday night for…

  • Burger Week 2013

    Burger Week 2013

    There is no cause for alarm folks! That sudden strain on your belt was for a good cause as we now have a winner of Burger Week 2013! Diablos BBQ has taken the crown as the winner of this year’s Burger Week with Fromage in Montreal with their devilish concoction (pictured here; a chicken fried beef…

  • Shuck it Real Good!

    Shuck it Real Good!

    This past Sunday, the sun was shining brightly as we celebrated the 5th annual Montreal Oysterfest. Held this year on the grounds of Terrasses Bonsecours, we were surrounded by some of the best restaurants and bars the city has to offer. We mixed and mingled with one of the finest crowds around and it was a…

  • Fan Expo Canada, recap Days 3 and 4

    Fan Expo Canada, recap Days 3 and 4

    The first thing I thought when I walked into the Fan Expo earlier today, how many more people can they fit in here? The Convention Centre was booming as day 3 of Fan Expo Canada kept ramping up. More stars, more crazy costumes and more fans than I’ve ever seen in one place at one…

  • Fan Expo Canada Recap, Day 2!

    Fan Expo Canada Recap, Day 2!

    A sea of people flooded the Metro Toronto Convention Centre yesterday as the first full day of the expo rolled out. People came out in droves, dressed as characters from movies, comics, TV and God knows what else, to see the actors, writers, athletes, designers and artists who inspire them the most. The line-ups for…

  • Fan Expo Canada Recap, Day 1

    Fan Expo Canada Recap, Day 1

    When I walked into the Intercontinental Hotel on Front Street yesterday, I sort of knew what to expect from the Fan Expo. I’ve seen pictures from the hundreds of ComicCons that happen around North America every year. I knew there’d be fans dressed in costumes while wandering around various movie and TV show props (I…

  • Animal Zoo

    Animal Zoo

    Bagatelle Pops Up in MTL

  • Presenting Yelloweek

    Presenting Yelloweek

    Veuve Clicquot Celebrates Creativity in Montreal!

  • Surviving a Hipster Book Launch

    Surviving a Hipster Book Launch

    Once upon a time, a friend and I ended up at a hipster book launch. This is our tale of survival.

  • No Ordinary Night

    No Ordinary Night

    For 10 years, Nuit Blanche has been one of the most anticipated nights of the year in Montreal. This insane night-without-end closes out the week long Montréal en Lumière Festival, which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors, annually. The excitement leading up to Nuit Blanche is palpable, with enthusiasts racking their brains over how to fit as many of…

  • Dressed to Inspire

    Dressed to Inspire

    The Farha Foundation promised a fabulous night, and they delivered!

  • A Night Out at Big in Japan Bar

    A Night Out at Big in Japan Bar

    A few weeks back, a friend of mine and I went to Big in Japan bar on St. Laurent (you know the place, with the secret red door and tuxedoed bouncers). Well, it’s become one of my favorite places in the city to get into a little trouble and the runway bars, the low lighting…

  • Winter Weekends

    Winter Weekends

    This past Saturday night, the annual Telus Fire on Ice fireworks began lighting up Montreal’s night sky and will continue to do so every Saturday until January 5, 2013. Accompanied by hit music from past sixty years, each weekend will feature a new decade. The spectacular fireworks kick off at 8pm, leaving plenty of time…

  • La Paryse

    La Paryse

    For 32 years, Paryse Taillefer and her family of employees have been severing one of the best hamburgers in Montreal to her very loyal customers. Her restaurant, La Paryse has almost a cult following here in the city but as with all good things, so to must La Paryse come to an end.

  • The Night Life

    The Night Life

    We’ve all had the good intentions of going out after work for just one pint.

  • Montreal’s Osheaga Music Festival!

    Here’s a list of what I would line up to see, if I were going!

  • Osheaga 2012

    In a few days, some of music’s heaviest hitters along with hoards of their most loyal fans will descend up Montreal for the Osheaga music and arts festival happening at Parc Jean-Drapeau.  As a fan of arctic climates, it takes a lot to get me into a packed area full of sweaty people in the friggin’…

  • Life’s a Beach!

    It’s summer in Old Montreal, the Old Port is bustling with people and as usual, there’s plenty to do.  The most recent addition to the growing list of activities and general fun in the area is the new Clock Tower Beach.  The recently opened beach is beautifully constructed and wraps around the site of the…

  • A Mile Worth the Walk

    Human beings are creatures of habit and routine.  When those routines are broken, for whatever reason, we are either shaken by it, or pleasantly surprised. My routines in Montreal tend to lead me into Old Montreal or west, towards St. Henri and NDG, but every now and then, I like to break those habits and…

  • Thirstday Nights

    I think it’s safe to say that Thursday nights are my favorite night of the week.  They have been since I can remember (all the way back to the Cosby show on must see TV; that’s pretty far back). Nowadays, Thursday nights are less about staying in and more about going out to have a…

  • The Urban Life

    Today I decided to take a walk through Old Montreal.  It remains my favorite part of this city.  I stopped for lunch at Five Guys and had a delicious burger!  (My favorite!) I wanted to share my walk with you, here are a few photos! Marché Bonsecour, a major market where you can find local…