Three Wines That Pair Perfectly With Staying In This Autumn

We’re finally in the thick of autumn. While the temperatures outside are falling faster than the leaves on the now almost barren trees, this, the coziest season by far, doesn’t lack warmth. It’s the perfect time of year to gather at home with friends and family for meals of comfort food paired with our favourite wines. I’ve discovered three very different red wines this year that I know (after reading this) will become part of your very own snuggly autumn and winter moments at home.


13774945_isI’ve had a thing for Portuguese wines lately but mostly from the Douro region of the country. Pereira, an intense and complex red wine from the Lisboa region, has become one of my go-to wines for all sorts of occasions. Whether it’s a quick weeknight pasta or a slow-cooked beef tenderloin for a perfect Saturday night feast, you won’t go wrong with this wine.


00897306_isWhile I have a tendency towards European wines (especially Italian and French), every now and then I’ll step outside my comfort zone and pick up a bottle of Californian red. This Robert Mondavi Zinfandel is something quite spectacular. A dry red wine, this Zinfandel features intense spicy, floral and fruity scents and pairs perfectly with beef or lamb dishes. I invited friends for a night of homemade beef pot pie and the wine was a hit!


11442664_isWe might not be able to hop on a plane and fly to Tuscany whenever we want but we can taste the best of the region with wines like this Ruffino Modus, a brilliant and intense wine that blends Sangiovese with Merlot and Cabarnet Sauvignon for a well balanced yet bold experience. Try this wine with your favourite cut of beef, grill it or slow roast it and pair with this wine and you’ll thank me, I swear.






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