The Donator

In 2009 a couple of enterprising Concordia students revolutionized Montreal’s food delivery-service industry when they created Chef On Call, a restaurant quality delivery service for students and young professionals who didn’t have time to cook but wanted more than just a slice of 99c pizza, night after night.

ChefNow, 6 years later, Chef on Call has expanded to two kitchen locations making it even easier to order their delicious food. In January 2015 they launched the Donator, the 14th burger on their vast list of delicious burgers. The Donator, however, is different. 1$ from every Donator sold goes to a charity of their choosing with a new charity chosen every month.

What’s more, the Donator’s toppings will change on a monthly basis so every time you order one, you get something new. It’s win-win for everyone! In February proceeds from the Donator went to Heart City, a philanthropic clothing store and they are also teaming up with Dans La Rue, a very well known Montreal organization that helps feed the homeless and more.

For more on Chef on Call, visit their website at Ordering their delicious food is easy and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a gourmet meal delivered to your door?







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