Spin City

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think about pole dancing? If you’re thinking about the incredible agility, strength and unrelenting stamina that highly athletic men and women bring to this all-encompassing workout then your thoughts are in the right place. Read on!

eaxN5NkUrO_-E6k8xtfRTK5DW7ZQBIhkEx-5Yok6AhoMilan Pole Dance Studio in Montreal is one of only five dance studios, under this particular brand, around the world (there are 2 in Milan, 1 in Singapore and 1 in Dubai). Started in 2010 by Krystel Arbia, who got back into shape with pole dancing after her third pregnancy, the studio aims to provide men and women with a total body workout that requires as much strength of the mind as it does the body. It was important for Krystel to open a studio here in Montreal because of our vibrant history with circus and acrobatics.

ChXS6_KH80a4VZ3XJw4epzIe0lBmFd1xJUHPclJli5o,8UGa4SGiW09nn1Xycy1_-QHUQLZ2tFnDXgjNuH7cj0YEarlier this year, DJNL spoke with Isabelle Lê from the Montreal studio and she answered a few questions about the studio and its benefits. The first thing to know is that the studio is open to both men and women of all ages, shape and size. The studio offers a sporting activity that combines dance, gymnastics and acrobatics. For most people it only takes a few classes to start mastering some of the poses. Though men and women approach the classes differently (men are drawn to the athletic side whereas women tend to be drawn to the artistic side), the output and results are similar for both sexes. All muscles are solicited to remain above the ground or climb the pole and as per Isabelle, results appear quickly.

3MDNqx0npK2ph7OdIv-GrrwEuJqCZnEyawAtZfLtcKg,ngdTNnZDX23EJdoGopaueIlWCx2IArdpDQ7wbuqUnjcHeading into a pole-dancing studio can be an intimating experience for some but we were told that everyone who walks in to take the classes all start at the same level. When people first walk into the studio they are wowed by the elegantly decorated and chic space with white brick walls, floor to ceiling mirrors and 16 9ft high 45mm diameter, high-quality brass poles. The studio is also located in Old Montreal, which adds another element to the WOW factor.

For more information on the studio, visit their website or drop by the studio (50, rue St. Jacques) and see it for yourself. It’s an alternative and fun way to get into shape, defy gravity and find muscles you never knew existed!






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