Rich Re-mix

Your summer is about to get a lot better, thanks to a little bubbly and a lot of imagination. Introducing Veuve Clicquot RICH, a modern Champagne made for people who like add a little uniqueness to their beverage. Based on an old Russian tradition where consumers would sweeten their champagne with sugar, Veuve Clicquot RICH aims to mix things up by putting a contemporary spin on the tradition.

PRO.RI42 (Native) [MHISWF087296 Revision-1]RICH is made to be enjoyed over ice with a selection of ingredients that maximize the flavours in the champagne. This modern take on champagne has higher dosages of the sugars that make it taste so wonderful and also has a greater presence of Meunier, which emphasises the freshness in the wine as well.

IMG_7526DJNL was present at a special VIP launch for RICH last week at New City Gas in Griffintown. The sprawling terrasse was the perfect setting for the launch as we sipped on large ice filled glasses of RICH blended with peppers, celery, tea, pineapple and more. The selection of ingredients added to the champagne popped with flavour as they became infused with the wine. The result was truly astounding and has to be experienced first hand.

PRO.RI10 (Native) [MHISWF087256 Revision-1]PRO.RI12 (Native) [MHISWF087258 Revision-1]Veuve Cliquot RICH is available in SAQs around the city. This new champagne puts a wonderfully modern spin on a classic glass of bubbly and provides a fizzy addition to your cool summer cocktail list.


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