The comfort food revolution continues its sweeping trend across Montreal and remains as popular as ever.  Hamburgers, sheppard’s pie and even fried chicken have all been reimagined as gourmet feasts prepared by some of Montreal’s more avant-garde chefs.   At PoutineVille, they have taken the most popular of Montreal’s comfort foods and dressed it up for our ever developing palette; viva la poutine!

With a third restaurant now open on the south shore (just in front of the metro) and two locations on the island (Beaubien and Ontario), PoutineVille continues its ever growing takeover of our taste buds. The restaurants, with their bright red walls and bistro décor, are warm and inviting, the perfect place to crush that afternoon or late night craving.

At the opening of their newest location, we were welcomed by one of the co-owners who greeted us as if we were walking into his home. We arrived a little late to the opening and the place was already jam packed, but the owner still managed to find us a place to sit at a table with a couple of very charming and colorful friends of his. These friends made sure we were going to get the best treatment possible, including the having a waitress bring us a sampling of the first service which we had just missed.

We tried a trio of different poutines, which, FYI are not just made from French fries; they are made from deliciously fried, crushed potatoes. The different types of poutine included a Greek specialty made with gyro meat and vegetables, a braised beef poutine where the braised beef takes six hours to cook and finally, a poutine made with filet mignon and blue cheese. They were nothing short of amazing. I’m looking forward to trying more, and if they are open to suggestions, I have an idea for a Newfoundland poutine (FDG) that could have even more people lining up.

Montreal is known around the world for many things. Hockey fans, colorful politics and our vibrant culture keep people talking, but perhaps more than anything else, we are known for our great food. Montrealers won’t line up for much, but we will form the longest of lines for smoked meat, bagels and of course, the most delicious comfort food of all, poutine from Poutineville.

See you in line!







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