MTL Bar et Bouffe

How many restaurants can one person fit in during an 8-day period? If you answered 20 then ding, ding, ding, you know exactly what’s happening for the very first edition of Montreal Bar et Bouffe (Drink and Eat).  This new, soon-to-be foodie favorite is a week (and a day) long food festival that groups some of our finest restaurants together to showcase their talent, food and drink. BB4From March 26th to April 4th, restaurants like Apt. 200, Notkins, Shinji, Rachel Rachel, Quai. No. 4, Suwu and many more are offering something very special to foodies around the city. Each restaurant has created three food and drink pairings specifically for the festival. That’s a total of 60 pairings for curious epicureans to discover during the festival. Tickets are available now and can be purchased here. A $15 advanced ticket gets you one of each restaurant’s three food and drink combinations. BB3At a preview for the event held at Rachel Rachel, we dove into the special food and cocktails that will be offered each participating restaurant. It was an epic experience of gastronomic proportions like nothing I’ve ever seen. My favorites from the preview were the savoury duck wings and homemade ranch sauce from Helm Brasserie (pictured up toppaired with their iced green tea), the delicious Cuban sliders from Suwu (pictured above; paired with their Castro Flambé) and the baby back ribs and Old Fashioned from Quai No. 4 (pictured below). I could keep going because the sampling was jam-packed with a great selection of food. I cant wait to do it all again when the 26th rolls around! BB6For a full list of restaurants and more on the festival, check out their website and check back here for our adventures during MTL Bar et Bouffe!







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