Meals On Wheels

It’s officially spring in Montreal and that can mean only one thing (well okay, a million things but for the purposes of this post, it will be one!), the food trucks are back!!

Food truck season kicked off last Friday with a massive launch that gathered thousands of people at Montreal’s Olympic Park for a not so impromptu food truck festival.

10176004_744402732278204_3120391773412777084_nPerennial favorites like Pas de cochon dans mon salon, le Cheese Truck, Le Panther mobile, Grumman ‘78, Landry et filles and more are back for another year of serving delicious food from locations around the city. Newcomers like Meatball Montreal, Lucielle’s Oysters, La Queue du Diable join the ranks and will no doubt have people lining up in the streets for their food.

Montreal’s food trucks started off a few years back as a simple pilot project and since then have grown to Canada’s most diverse collection of street food vendors. The “First Fridays” events on the first Friday of every month from May to October gathers large crowds at our Olympic Park where the food trucks migrate to one convenient location and throw an excellent party!

Cuisine de rue has all the info you’ll need to enjoy your street food this summer!

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