Mad Science

Corey Shapiro has gifted St. Henri with Notorious, a wickedly cool barbar shop on Notre Dame and Vintage Frames Eyewear, selling the city’s hottest eyewear that not only improve your vision, they also demand to be seen.

Now, with having mastered a couple of the basics of helping look good, the Montreal master of funky and his cooler than cool partners, Chromeo, are bringing food freshness to a new level with Juicyyy Lab. The state of the art cold pressing facility will be open to the public this Saturday, May 23rd (with a blowout opening party planned for this Friday night featuring Biz Markie) so you won’t have to wait long to try it. Juicyyy Lab will provide customers with fresh pressed juices made from whole fruits, smoothies, salads, energy balls, granola and much more.

Knowing Corey and Chromeo, they are not going to do this conventionally. Rumour has it that Juicyyy Lab has a bit of a futuristic lab oriented setting where they will have a little fun with the delicious and healthy food they serve up to their clients. The look has been kept under wraps until the unveiling later this week but we’ve secured a couple of tantalizing images to get you ready.

unnamedunnamed-1Born out of trying to stay healthy while leading a bit of crazy lifestyle, Juicyyy Lab will bring next level nutrion to health minded individuals who crave a little healthy fun with their nutritious food. We will be bringing you more about Juicyyy Lab in the near future so stay tuned. We will be posting our recap of the party that I’m sure will be off the wall.

Be sure to have a look for us in the fresh food lineup when Juicyyy Lab is open to the public starting this weekend.






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