Industria Italian Brasserie

A few years ago when Griffintown began it’s lengthy transformative gentrification, no one would ever have guessed that it would become the highly sought-after neighbourhood it is today. The hottest and trendiest new condo complexes, hotels, bars, restaurants and shopping are now the shining structures rising out of the dilapidated factories and warehouses that once populated the area.

IndustriaIndustria is an Italian Brasserie located on the second floor of the Alt Hotel on Peel Street and is poised to become one of Montreal’s most interesting hotspots. We’ve been a few times over the last month and here’s what we think so far.

Because of some amazing connections we were given the first ever tour of Industria when it was still under construction a little over a month ago. Though there were boxes and bags and tools scattered throughout the sprawling space you could see the vision coming together and it was quite something. Large red booths, stand alone tables and seating along the beautiful bar means there’s going to be room for everyone. There are several private corners as well and garage door windows that open on both street-facing sides of the restaurant letting in fresh air, plenty of light and an astonishing view of downtown. It was quite something.  We toured the spacious kitchen and peeked inside every nook and cranny possible.

Industria2The second time DJNL went, we showed up undercover and snuck in during the secret soft opening late last week. This time the place was gleaming and completely finished. The windows were open and the sun was beaming in along with a welcomed cool breeze.  Both times I’ve been were in daylight so I can tell you that the restaurant makes great use of natural light during the day and I bet that the bright lights of Griffintown only add to the ambiance at night.

Industria3As I walked around the restaurant chatting with the invitees at the ultra exclusive preview, I sipped on a sparkling welcome cocktail called the Crisp Apple, which tasted a little like a Negroni, which meant I had more than one. The vibe in the restaurant was buoyant and booming as guests arrived and chatted around the bar while the friendly staff served up drinks and prepared the food. From what’ve tasted so far, Industria will have plenty of fans filling up their tables for delicious wood fired pizza, sizzling steaks, towering burgers, gnocchi poutine and more.

Industria4Check out their website to see the menu and learn a little more!


Photo credit: George Alexandar and David Major-Lapierre 







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