Higher Ground

You can tell its spring in Old Montreal when the restaurants start spilling out onto the street with their sprawling terraces, satiating our hunger to be outdoors. Although for Montrealers this is what spring and summer is all about, above the hustle and bustle of the busy streets await splendid panoramic views, endless cocktail 5a7’s and the best escape they city has to offer.

Here are 3 of Old Montreal’s best rooftop terraces you need to check out this summer.

Terrace Nelligan

With a spectacular view of the river on one side and the sprawling rooftops of Old Montreal (that seem to go on forever) on the other, Terrace Nelligan is a great place to kick back and relax after a day of running around the city. They offer a delicious lunch menu, an extendable shaded area (which gets necessary at 40 degrees in August) and a wonderful bar serving delightful cocktails. Terrace Nelligan  

Terrace sur l’Auberge

Opened just last year, this terrace is an extension of Taverne Gaspar which is located on the ground floor. This is a great place to enjoy a magnificent view of the St. Laurence River and the busy quays of the old port. On the opposite side of the large terrace is Old Montreal in all its historic splendor. As we mentioned once before, this is a great place to see this! Terrace sur l’Auberge

Terrace Place d’Armes

Saving the best for last is an understatement. Perhaps the best view in the city, Terrace Place d’Armes is perched atop the beautiful Hotel Place d’Armes and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Montreal that is unmatched. The muti-tiered terrace features a lower deck on the rear of the building that can be reserved for private functions. There are plenty tables and space for Montreal’s rooftop enthusiasts. They offer a menu of snacks and they make deadly sangria. Terrace Place d’Armes







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