Foire Culinaire Complètement Sucres

This coming April 8th isn’t just important because I will be celebrating my 10th annual 29th birthday. It’s also important because I am on the judging panel for this year’s Foire ailmentaire complètement sucre!

As one of five judges, I will be partaking in food related festivities and the competition from noon to 4pm. Competing in the year’s Complètement Sucres are restaurants and businesses  and restaurants including Arhoma, Etat-Major, Lapin Blanc, Le Valois and many more. Below we have a preview of some of the food that will be available. Feast your eyes on this:

unspecified-1État-Major: Maple braised bacon with iceberg lettuce, bbq sauce, green onion sour cream all wrapped in a soft taco shell

unspecified-2Lapin Blanc: Cracker Jack style maple-flavoured popcorn, gravlax, Labrador tea and beets with young beet shoots and campfire smoke. 

unspecified-3Le Valois: Bacon and almond shortbread cookies topped with candy cap panna cotta and a maple syrup reduction.

unspecified-4Monsieur Smith: Sesame and maple cracker topped with Ungava gin marinated salmon, dill infused sour cream and apple julienne.

unspecified-5Restaurant Cabotins: French toast brioche topped with blood pudding and an apple and maple compote. 

Come out for plenty of maple madness, tire sur la neige, rustic artisans and traditional music.

For more visit their website here.

Image credit: Melanie Dusseault


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