DJNL’s Best Burgers!

Theirs is nothing better than a good burger and we here at Day Jobs and the Nightlife work tirelessly, around the clock to sift through the thousands of restaurants in this city to bring you (what we think are) Montreal’s best beef and buns. Our list isn’t in any particular order but our favorite is on here. As an added bonus our scientific team has rated the restaurant’s fries from 1 to 5/5 for further accuracy. There are also a couple of burgers we’ve tried so you don’t have to. Read on and let us know if you agree.

You Should Try:

Le Hachoir – The burger list from Hachoir is pretty extensive and all their meat is ground in-house (it would be silly not to, considering their name) but it’s their Classic Burger that takes the cake for the most mouthwatering. Each ingredient stands out, especially the cucumber which adds a fresh zest. The fries factor: 5/5 QDC 7QDC Burger – The most popular steakhouse in the city recently reopened in its new location on de la Montagne but months before they opened the front door they ventured into the back alley and opened QDC Burger. Serving up some of the most delicious burgers in the city, made from the highest quality beef imaginable, they are tough to beat. Our favourite on the list comes from the ingredients that allow you to build your own (pictured above) but the Jefferson comes a close second! The fries factor: 5/5

Le Sieur d’Iberville – The newest kid on the block also happens to have one of the city’s most delicious burgers we’ve tasted this year. Made from great cuts of meat, the burger comes stacked with delicious yet simple ingredients such as aged cheddar, fresh tomato and crisp bacon. Even though they can get messy, it doesn’t matter. This burger is worth it. The Mount Royal burger is our burger of choice at Le Sieur (I’d know, I order it one out of every two times I’m there). The Fries Factor: 4.5/5

You Might Want to Skip: For every burger we do like, there are a couple we wish we could forget. Here are our choices for Burgers to skip because life’s too short to settle for less than delicious.

Pub Sir Joseph – The English might be famous for their ability to conquer one continent after the next but they are not known for the gastronomy. This being said an English Pub in Montreal should know better. Their burger was over cooked and as dry as English humour. An a side order of about 4 potato wedges is also not worth the 4 bucks they charge. It may just have been an off night for the “pub” but it was enough to put us off from returning, for now at least.

Vertigo – Perhaps the biggest disappointment, this burger will set you back 18 dollars and we are still not even sure it’s made in house. When we asked our plucky waiter was the burger homemade he replied no then he came back and said yes but the chef wasn’t there to confirm or deny. If I’m paying almost 20 dollars for a burger it better be homemade, otherwise, McDonald’s is just around the corner doing the same thing. The fries were awful; soggy and lumped together. I had higher hopes for a restaurant that seemed to have so much promise at it’s opening. I’m not saying I’d never try it again but it would be a tough sell for me.

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