Deep Cuts

On Thursday of this week, Montreal’s media and VIP guests are invited to the unveiling of a new butcher shop in Griffintown. This is not just any butcher shop though, it’s Boucherie Grinder. The latest in an ever growing family of wonderful establishments including Hachoir, Grinder and Lea, Boucherie Grinder is a light stroll of the beaten path for co-ower Jean-François Corriveau. Having mastered the recipe for serving great food in some of Motnreal’s most popular restaurants, M. Corriveau chose to explore the art of butchery for the group’s fourth outing.

unnamedAttracting and maintaining a loyal clientele in 2015 requires looking to both the future and the past to ensure they receive the best service possible. With convient web orders and and customized services like home delivery, the Boucherie Grinder clients can expect not just a great cut of meat, but great customer care as well. A throwback to a time where boutique shops provided everything from meat to flowers and general amenities, Boucherie Grinder takes the pleasant experience of knowing your neighbourhood butcher and puts it back on the map.

unnamed-1The Boucherie Grinder butchers, including master butcher, Charles Bizeul have all been trained in the art of providing the best cuts of perfectly dry aged meats to their clients. They take pride in their training (Bizuel was trained for weeks at a time out of Fleisher’s in New York) and look forward to serving their clients, bringing fine cuts of meat to both restaurants and your busy kitchen at home. Read-to-serve dishes and seasonings for your meat will also be available on site.

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