Day Jobs and the Love Life

Today’s modern, urban singles have very busy lives that make it all but impossible to get out there and meet new people. We have friends, family, work, gym, shopping and an infinite number of excuses reasons that take up our time, leaving little time to worry about the person who will eventually mess up our bed sheets, leave the toilet seat up, hang pantyhose everywhere and put our pristine existence out of whack.

SingleThe longer we stay single and get further set in our ways, the harder it is to make room for any type of new romantic relationship and the easier it to justify our fabulous single lives. Some singles are content to live life romantically flat lined while others live for the dramatic oscillations of erratic relationships. In between all this there is a balance to be found but finding it has always been an issue.  We call this dating.

People have always been comically awkward where dating is concerned but now we live in a society where the Internet has all but destroyed that awkward human interaction. Some of us might be happy to stay home and shop for a date online but surely not every feels this way. The possibility of meeting new people has been almost completely driven to the recesses of Internet sites promising toothpaste commercial happiness to everyone who signs up and creates a dating profile. Anyone who has joined any of these sites knows that the pickins are slim and most of the sea that’s apparently so plenty with fish is filled with its share of rejection and tasteless bottom-feeders that have been either thrown back or have been swimming in the pond too long.







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