Crémy Pâtisserie

creFor my first ever BPP (Blatant Product Plug) I wanted to draw attention to Crémy Pâtisserie, one of my favorite places on the eastern end of Mount Royal Avenue.

From delicious homemade cakes and donuts to products like spreads and jams made on site, from scratch. This is the perfect place if you’re looking for a one of a kind gift (especially for yourself or your host/hostess for the evening).

My favorite treat from Crémy is their homemade caramel butterscotch. The first time I opened a jar I smelled the scotch (not thinking anyone actually made butterscotch with scotch anymore) and I stuck a spoon in right away. If you plan on sharing, you might want to buy two, just in case.

Visit their Facebook page and have a look at what they do. You will LOVE it!







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