Autumn In Montreal

IMG_3601Montreal is a great city to live in all year round but autumn in YUL is spectacular. The sweltering heat of summer begins to cool off, the trees go from deep green to fiery yellow, red and orange and wrap ourselves in the warmth of cozy sweaters and scarves as we move from September to October and beyond. While the days remain sunny and clear well into the fall months, the nights become cool and crisp. 

Many of us have mixed feelings about this time of year. We pack up our patio furniture and prepare to batten down the hatches in preparation of what winter may bring. The seasonal changes from summer to fall, however, bring a feeling of peace and tranquility after a season of running around the city, taking advantage of the sun and the daylight. We reluctantly say goodbye to summer when we trade in the breezy rooftop terrasses, where for months we found solace from the heat emanating from the streets and retreat to the fireplaces that will warm us for the next few months.

IMG_0360In Montreal, autumn is a great time to show off your stylish side. We are a city that has a distinctive summer style but nothing beats our ability to layer clothing that results in more textured and deeply colourful looks. We want to be caught looking shabby as we are strolling along Mount-Royal avenue on a Saturday afternoon or racing to escape the cool night air as we dart from our Uber to our favourite restaurants. We cozy up with our friends, pouring wine, clinking utensils and chatting over the background music that drifts in and out of the pauses in conversation. We watch from these cafe and restaurant windows as the coloured leaves pile up on the streets, creating a breathtaking natural landscape.

This year fall seems to be starting a little earlier than last year and that’s fine by me. I’m looking forward to seeing my breath clouding as it escapes my lungs while I walk around the city, my hands tucked into my jacket and a smile sitting calmly on my face. The cool air makes us feel alive at it reaches into the depths of our bodies, sending shivers to our cores. We take a deep breath and feel alive as the world around us prepares for its long winter’s sleep.






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